Our experienced partners in their many disciplines allow us to pass over knowledge to your own people. We conduct remote and presential training in your own country. We also have training programs in specific countries and sites for the special needs. Some of our programs include:

-tactical training
-tactical driving
-tactical shooting
-all levels of HUMINT, SIGINT, OSINT, FININT etc
– Undetected Intrusion
-all legacy tech usage, platforms, tactical equipment and more
– many other disciplines


Our team can either carry on the special ops as an integrated service or can assess and train your team so that they can carry the special ops themselves.


Our global supply can offer:

– specialized intel and security tech
– tactical and balistic gear
– firearms
– ammunition
– armoured vehicles
– radar systems
– geointelligence solutions
– UAV systems
– other


We can provide with the funding solution for these financially challenging projects. We know that most of times the budget constrain does not allow for the very needed security projects to happen. We give you both, the tactical solution and the financing to carry on with your strategy.